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Great Ideas for Old Macs

(This site was created in 1996. It isn't being updated, but the ideas are still good!)

There are a lot of old, classic Macs sitting unused in closets these days, and it seems a damn shame. These babies were once state of the art, and they still have a lot of life left in them. In August, '96 I asked readers of Guy Kawasaki's Evangelist for ideas about using old Pluses and SE's and Classics. I received over a hundred responses, and people continue to write.

Most of the ideas are cut and paste from the messages I received, in the "voice" of the person who sent me the idea. I didn't start putting links to the people who sent in ideas until later, so if there is no contact information, I don't have it anymore. Sorry.

Jeff Weitzman

The ideas are broken down into categories, to help you find what you're interested in. I decided which category to put ideas in, so check a couple if you're looking for something not clearly in one or the other.

Do you have a Mac software or hardware product that runs on or works with a classic Mac? It should be able to run on a pre-040 machine with only 4 megs of RAM and System 7.1, or older. If so, post in the Forums to let the world know! (Coming Soon).